2020 was a very hard year for all of us, some of us have been forced to work from home, deprive ourselves of going out to hold meetings with our co-workers after office, meet with friends, avoid meetings with our family members, therefore our way of life and clothing have radically changed, and in one way or another,  we have all been affected, and being locked in our houses and our closet is full of unused clothes. πŸ˜’  May be it is time to "Reorganize your Closet/Cabinet/Wardrobe". 

 What will Happen to Fashion in Times of Pandemic? 

Many of us wonder what will happen to fashion in times of pandemic? And although we do not know what will happen, or how the Covid-19 pandemic will evolve, we have to admit that 2020 was a very different year in terms of the fashion industry, in which the trends and clothing of the Spring seasons- Summer / Autumn-Winter went unnoticed, caused by the many months at home, in almost mandatory isolation due to the coronavirus. 😞

Although this 2021 we have to continue with the same precautions, positive thoughts while remaining realistic, and already start thinking about the next Spring-Summer 2021. πŸ‘

Now that winter is almost gone, Spring is here, it is a good time to start exploring in your closet / wardrobe, to choose everything you will wear in the new spring / summer 2021 fashion season. As well as the colors, styles and suggestions to put together your outfits to your wardrobe.  πŸ‘–

Fashion Spring / Summer 2021 

As I told you, fashion is already showing up in stores, and we can probe the fashion trends for this new summer season. As we can see, there are wonderfully feminine, personal "looks", which means that you can wear "whatever you want", without being ridiculous, or extravagant. πŸ‘—

Spring-Summer 2021



Fashion will be characterized by a very diverse color palette, to satisfy all tastes and preferences, in designs with floral prints, geometric prints, denim, retro designs, lace, fringes, metallic fabrics. White, pastels, bright colors. In short, a variety such as has never been seen in fashion. We could say this 2021 "it is worth everything" 😁 

 There will also be a return to the 70s, 80s, 90s, with dresses and blouses with large sleeves, jean skirts. And for the evening, the refined suits and party shorts will be used, or short skirts simulating shorts. πŸ˜‰


Surely you have a lot of forgotten clothes in your closet, because parties and meetings have been repressed by Covid-19, I recommend that you explore, take out, and maybe find some white blouses with puffed sleeves, give life to your silk shirts , made of satin, your ripped jeans, now you can use it both day and night, with your white or colored sneakers.  πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘‘πŸ‘ 


With this super modern and youthful style you will look great!

The fashion of the this 2021 Spring / Summer, the tops, the blouses with big sleeves, the bohemian style, the wide dresses, square necks, "V" necks will predominate, and the most interesting of the 2021 fashion,  that will let you experiment and interpret fashion to your liking!!!πŸ˜‰ πŸ‘Œ


Less is more

Regarding to the summer dresses, they will be used in a minimalist style ("Less is more" basic elements, to dress simple) dresses of chiffon, poplin, cotton or linen, very varied dresses;  very comfortable, loose and spacious to wear during the day and at night. They will be worn with high heel shoes, sandals or tennis shoes. 😜 

It's crazy!!! In my time you would never wear a dress with sneakers, or tennis shoes, or high heels without Panty-hose; it was not elegant; but as someone said "fashion is how it suits you" 🌝

This summer balloon sleeves will stand out and be in full swing. Tops, T-shirts / short shirts (T-shirt), combined with palazzo pants, indisputably the shorts too!!!...cannot be missing in your wardrobe, white shorts, jeans, and skirts. What is tried, is to put together versatile outfits.πŸ‘– 🩳 πŸ‘—


 Safari Style

The fashion of this summer 2021 returns at all fury the Safari style, to give you distinction, elegance and personality in earth tones and military green. 

Trendy colors 2021

In this spring summer 2021, it is allowed to use all colors, the chromatic palette will be extensive, from light to dark colors, from white to black, bright, the colors of the yellow, purple, red, orange and yellow ranges will predominate. 😎

Within the soft and pastel colors, we will see a lot of white, denim blue, pale yellow, lilac, plum, coral pink and turquoise, saffron, mustard, cinnamon,  brown, will be seen a lot in garments, bags, shoes and purses.

Combinations of these colors in floral, and geometric designs. 


Skirts cannot be missing in your wardrobe, they are essential, there are those with simple cuts, they are flirtatious, attractive, with pleats, pleated, flared, tube or pencil style, trouser skirts, there are daring or classic, endless for all likes. 

 Skirts are important pieces in fashion, practical and versatile, easy to combine, diverse designs of all kinds, both for the night or for the day, with a wide range of colors and designs, as well as floral, animal print or geometric prints,  you can combine them with different styles of blouses and accessories.

Long jean skirts 

Long denim skirt is the only article of jean,  that can be worn both day and night.   


Give yourself a refined and elegant touch with your ripped denim jeans, as these have become the preference of the season, these jeans are very versatile, and harmonize with almost everything, with elegant sequined , lace, and  brocade jackets.

Pencil skirts


The satin pencil skirt is back in all its magnificence and they are super classy.  Skirts are important pieces in fashion, practical and versatile, easy to combine, diverse designs of all kinds, both for the night or for the day, with a wide range of colors and designs, as well as floral, animal print or geometric prints,  you can combine them with different styles of blouses and accessories. 

Pleated Skirts

This type of short, medium and long pleated skirts are very elegant and feminine, but... you have to be careful, not all women fit this style of skirts well.


Dare to wear leather-effect pants or shorts in all colors.  

Generally, leather clothing is used to wear as outerwear in winter, and at night, but it is a good proposal that we can include it in our wardrobe for this spring-summer 2021.

 Side / Side Cuts

For this spring summer 2021, long skirts and dresses are back in fashion with their respective suggestive and provocative side cuts.


Balloon or bubble skirts

Return of skirts and dresses with balloon or bubble style for this Spring  / summer 2021, especially for slim girls.




Boho style 

The Boho style  is a combination of textures, frequently this style is more used by young girls during the summer with long and wide dresses, with denim vests, necklaces and tiaras on the head.

Black and White    

Spring-Summer 2021. The combination that will never go out of style: black and white  πŸ‘

Black and white is the perfect combination that does not go out of style, and it is looked with a super elegant appearance; a white blouse combined with black pants with white stripes, super chic! πŸ‘Œ


The cut out style for this Spring-Summer 2021

Cut out dresses occupied a special place in the fashion world, but beware!  I do not want to hurt susceptibilities with my comment .. You should have a slim body.

The Sequins   

Baggy pants will cause a fashion boom in 2021 

In this 2021 it is always a good option to dazzle and impress with a sequined look. 
The pants are presented with wide sleeves.

     The bra is the new cropped top.


Bridgerton trend                                                          

 With this fashion trend it has to do with the time of the Regency (English). This is how the period that covers, from 1811 to 1820, between the Georgian and Victorian era is known.




The metallic fabric similar to a fishing net, will create a sensation in this spring / summer 2021.

  Striped Print

The stripes will return to fashion in dresses, skirts, tops with horizontal or vertical stripes, in full color.

In short, as we can appreciate the fashion of 2021 is influenced by the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the most interesting of all, that we can "rummage" in our closet / wardrobe, and gives you the opportunity to reuse all those pretty clothes that you had stored for so long, and to wear on everything you want, without being afraid, because for this Spring / Summer 2021, it is allowed to dress as you want. !!!  

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and have an idea of how the fashion for this spring summer 2021 will be assorted and varied for this Spring / Summer 2021. Until next time ... πŸ‘‹

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2020 was a very hard year for all of us, some of us have been forced to work from home, deprive ourselves of going out to hold meetings wit...